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High-Performance Mindset Coach

As a Professional Pairs Figure Skater, I had the privilege for 17 years to train, compete and perform alongside some of the best figure skaters in the world from Japan, central and eastern Europe, as well as, in the US & Canada.

For the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure to coach young athletes, on and off the ice to reach their goals of competing at national, international, and Olympic events. I have witnessed very talented and hardworking athletes where some achieved their dreams and others who failed to perform under pressure, had emotional breakdowns, and battled with a lack of confidence… so many of the same difficulties that I faced and struggled with as a young skater and competitor, I know that those struggles limited my skating career. It is because I know what that feels like and how disappointing it can be that I have dedicated myself to learning everything that I can about the champion mindset to be able to pass it on to young athletes so that they can find their confidence, potential, and joy in their sport.

Skaters train for many hours, parents spend $1,000’s of dollars for on ice & off ice coaching, choreography, fitness training, competitive costumes, skates, blades, and everything else needed to be a competitive skater but often it just wasn’t enough.

After watching so many skaters step on the ice, glide to their starting place, set up with that “deer in headlights” look in their eyes, with the look of doubt in their faces, witnessing the falls, the disappointment, and the tears, I have made it my mission to bring the tools and skills of high-performance mental training to as many young athletes as I can.

I invite you to join me as I share with you some of my best tips and tools for athletes, parents, and coaches so that you or your athlete can begin to build more self-confidence, have control over difficult emotions, start to perform to your potential and become the champion of your dreams.

Learn how you can become an unshakeable anti-fragile athlete!

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