About Me

Hi! I’m Christine.

“It’s my mission to bring mindset training to more athletes to help develop stronger, happier and more confident athletes”

After 17 years of performing and competing internationally, I know the mental challenges that skaters and athletes struggle with because I, too struggled with them throughout my career.

I know how important having the right mindset tools and skills are to be able to perform to your best confidently, consistently, and be able to reach your potential.

I believe that my own struggles with nerves and self-confidence have driven me to seek out answers to these problems and have inspired me to go back to school and find the tools and solutions to the challenges that I dealt with so that I can pass on the knowledge of effective mindset tools to all athletes I work with and help them to overcome the struggles that athletes deal with on a daily basis in practice and in competition.

As well as being a recognized Skate Canada certified skating coach since 2002, I am also certified in the fields of Mental Toughness Training, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), and Life Coaching for both the High-Performance Athlete and Business Professionals striving to achieve their ultimate potential.

I am dedicated to bringing my Mental Toughness Training Program, a unique combination of Body & Mind High Performance Coaching to my skaters and clients in Canada, the United States, and around the world so that they too can reach their potential and realize their dreams for a joy-filled and empowered life.

I founded the Anti-Fragile Mindset and Mental Toughness Center in 2012, and as a former professional pairs figure skater, I felt a strong call to help other athletes optimize their mindset to fulfill their potential. Today, the Mental Toughness Center has continued to provide athletes, parents, and teams with high-quality, easy-to-understand, complete mental training programs, as well as resources for coaches, parents, and athletes to help them maximize their potential.

As the Founder and Product/Program creator for the ‘Anti-Fragile Mindset Programming’, I work with athletes and coaches around the world to unlock athlete and team potential through mental performance training.

As a skater, I had the privilege to perform with many elite and famous skaters, featured in movies such as ‘Blades of Glory’, ‘The Planets’, in TV specials with Kurt Browning and Brian Orser as well as live performances in 22 countries. As a professional pair skater, I competed at the World Professional Championships placing in the top 4, placing 2nd in Brian Boitano’s international competition The American Open, and competing in the 2000 Improv Ice with Sasha Cohen, Tara Lipinski, Brian Orser, and many more world and Olympic athletes.

As a coach, I have been the technical and artistic coach of Battle of the Blades, a CBC TV show, and has coached skaters to national, international, and Olympic competitions and has helped skaters around the world develop the champion mindset to rise to the challenge and reach their potentials. As someone who is always learning and wanting to improve I continued my education in mental training to find strategies and methods to help skaters achieve their potential.

I have had the privilege as a mental training coach, to assist skaters to develop better mental strategies through performance training tools and techniques and have worked with universities, teams, individual athletes, and organizations around the world.

I have been described as ‘empathetic’, ‘dedicated’ and ‘relentless’ in my determination to learn and apply everything I can to help my clients achieve their goals. In addition to my expertise in mental training, I am also a passionate writer, podcast host, and speaker on the topic of high-performance mindset training.

I am a passionate performer, coach, and lifetime learner, but most importantly she is a very proud mom of a handsome and talented young man.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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