Negative Self Talk

Your Inner Meanie

Is your subconscious mind an inner mean girl or guy?

It starts innocent enough.
You make a silly mistake and right away that voice is there,  “I am such an idiot”, you laugh, you might even say it out loud, but then you make another mistake and like a leopard pouncing on prey, that voice is there again to judge and say, “I am such a loser”.

And so the pattern of negative self-talk begins, slowly eating away at your confidence, your insecurities taking hold and interfering with your performance.

That inner mean girl has taken control of your identity, who you believe yourself to become skewed and nurtures non-useful beliefs which grow like a weed that wraps itself around a root, blocking the nutrients from reaching the flower, stopping it from blooming.

I often ask my skaters if they speak to their best friend like they speak to themselves! This is a real “light bulb” moment for many, who haven’t realized how hard they are on themselves when they would never be so mean to a friend.

Talk to yourself like you would someone you love.

Brene Brown

Negative self-talk is a problem that many skaters deal with, and it’s not always the “I’m no good” inner conversation, but the “I can’t”.

How often have I heard skaters say, “I’ve lost my jump!” in an emotional meltdown and the fear that the jump will never return. A skater’s worst nightmare.

At the Mental Toughness Training Center, I teach “Causing Effect”.

It’s the difference between waiting to land a jump to say… “I Can”, instead of believing “I Can” empowers a skater to land the jump.

There is a lot to be said for “identify your weaknesses and work on them” but sometimes athletes take this too far and obsess on their weaknesses and consequently their “identity” becomes those weaknesses.

Non-useful beliefs get conditioned into the unconscious inner mind, breaking down a skater’s confidence in their abilities and performance.

Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

The truth is that athletes who have completed a skill properly even just once have the mental instructions, the blueprint in their brain and body to be able to repeat it.

It’s a matter of bringing back that feeling and the “I Can” instead of “I’ve lost it” or “I Can’t”.   Those negative thoughts lead to feelings of inadequacy and the planting of non-useful beliefs, like “I’m not good enough”.

Through Mental Toughness Training, each skater learns how to condition the inner self-talk to be positive, useful, and empowering.

Our unique and effective mental practice tools build positive self-esteem and empower unshakable confidence.

Christine Reeves Beleznay – Mental Toughness Trainer
High-Performance Mindset Coaching

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